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Prongs Potter

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June 10th, 2007

08:21 pm
I think I officially dropped off of the face of the earth. I have actually been spending most of my time attempting to mess up most people's attempts to study before finding something more interesting to do. I shot the breeze outside most of this week. Ah, I'm pretty sure you've all missed the infamous James Potter.

Alas, how do you all stand it without me at times? I liven up your lives like no other. Anyway, I've got some books to burn!

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May 18th, 2007

03:43 pm
Well, well, well. James Potter is back into his game. What game that is, you may be wondering. It is a lovely game that is fun to play and easy for me to win. Isn't that just the best kind?

[Private to Sirius, Remus, Peter]

There's definitely a prank going down soon.


Anywho, I have an impending feeling that I've got a reprimanding coming soon. I haven't done anything yet, so to whomever I will might be injuring, I apologise with my whole entire heart because it would be too funny to stop laughing at I don't mean it.

Now that this is over, I think I have some homework to not be doing. Ta ta!

Current Mood: creative

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April 29th, 2007

05:44 pm - Well, If This Isn't a Desperate Plea For Help, My Name Is Not James Potter
Okay, you all. Here's what I propose. Someone follows me to the library, as I refuse to ignore the fact that I hate the library and that you'd be considered not stalking, but obssessively watching me. Then, we strike up a conversation, the likes of which I may actually participate it or care to just listen to you waste your life away. Then, I return to my common room and make up some absurd, insane story about it.

I wonder who's going to jump on their toes for that. One of my more boring ideas, I must say.

Current Mood: boredbored

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April 21st, 2007

09:37 pm - Well, Mercy On Me!
Well, to my misfortune on both accounts, not only was I given detention on Sirius' birthday, but his gifts were also delayed in the owl post! I swear, crummiest week of my life. I finally got them today, though. Better late than never!

A couple'a shiny knick-knacks.Collapse )

Well, the better stuff...I'll hand that off soon. Life has been too overwhelming with work and detention. Actually...I think this time I deserved the attention. But I was only attempted to do justice. As per usual.

Current Mood: creative

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April 12th, 2007

07:01 pm - I'm Telling You All Right Now.
I think the air is infected with hallucinogens. Everyone around me has gone absolutely out of their minds. I wish I knew how it got in the air, that's a good trick. That, or they've got seriously bad spring allergies. All of the guys are acting funnily and all of the girls are as moody as all hell. I'm going to go into hiding pretty soon.

Private to Self and Sirius, if he has any thoughts on itCollapse )

Outrageous amounts of homework don't really make me feel any better about these situations. I suppose teachers just like torturing us with it. Well, it works, damn you all. Too bad I didn't have a fancy for failing the whole year, otherwise I would have never bothered with some of the ridiculous assignments we have. I mean, goblins!? We're wizards, who cares about the goblins?! And besides, History of Magic bores me to bloody tears.

Well, I'm going to have to go back to Hogsmeade to fetch Sirius' presents and amongst other items some things that I need for scholarly stuff. You know, quills, booze, parchment, red whiskey, ink. And I need to get off of these grounds soon or I'll explode.

Anyone care to show me someplace I could go so I don't have the urge to rip my pretty hair out?

Current Location: in tentative hiding from the rest of the world.
Current Mood: boredbored
Current Music: Are You Gonna Be My Girl by Jet

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April 7th, 2007

02:40 pm - Rantings and Ravings
I still can't believe I was in detention for April Fool's Day, without doing anything. Stupid Professors, honestly! That's like...student discrimination! I wonder if Sirius got up to anything good that day, either. I'd sure hope so. If not, we're going to have to take this April Fool's Day relaxation into our own hands. That always turns out great.

Well, I guess I have the beginning of the new term to look forward to. That always brings good tidings of pranks and inside jokes peace and school work. Maybe even this term I'll pass Transfiguration. I think I'm being purposely failed in that class.

But I am James Potter. That should be enough to get me a pass for the year.

Current Mood: annoyedannoyed

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